Our ambassadors

The Prince's Teaching Institute is proud to have the following distinguished Ambassadors who support our work:

Howard Goodall CBE 

Composer and musician

"What we are doing with young people in schools, by teaching them music, is beginning their life-long exploration of music, not creating the finished article. I had been sufficiently enthused at school by the strange alchemy of music to want to learn more. Teachers have a difficult and challenging job and I have enormous admiration for what teachers do. The Prince's Teaching Institute plays an incredibly important role in helping teachers start the engines, so that young people will go on wanting to learn more and in time discover their own musical humility."

Prof Marcus du Sautoy OBE


Prof Marcus du Sautoy"I think every scientist I know has a story of a teacher that inspired their love of their subject. For me it was my maths teacher Mr Bailson at my comprehensive school. He gave me the key that unlocked the door to the magical world of mathematics that I've spent my life exploring ever since. I am very happy to support the PTI in its work in engaging maths teachers as they enthuse the students that will become the next generation of mathematicians."


Stephen Fry

Actor, PresenterStephen Fry

"The Prince’s Teaching Institute understands that teaching is about inspiration and that teachers (with all the extra demands on them made every day) need to be inspired as much as students do. I had a fabulous evening interacting with clever, curious students and enthusiastic teachers from all over Britain.

I was very proud to be asked to be involved and hope to be able to do more for the institute over time."

Juliet StevensonJuliet Stevenson CBE


“I believe that all children should have access to the best of what has been written, said and done, and that the key to this is inspirational, well-informed teaching. so i'm delighted to be an ambassador.” 



Picture of Kazuo Ishiguro


Kazuo Ishiguro OBE


“The PTI day events are imaginatively conceived, superbly organised, and probably unique in this country. To invite committed teachers to come together and debate with leading experts and practitioners in their subjects - and in such intimate and conducive settings!: it's a brilliantly simple way to inject fresh ideas, new ambitions and sheer inspiration into classrooms. I always feel excited when asked to participate.”


Michael Palin Homerton 2008Michael Palin CBE

Actor and presenter

 "The ability of teachers to absorb, and more importantly to pass on knowledge with energy and enthusiasm is a priceless gift to the next generation. My love of geography can be traced directly back to two good teachers"


Sir Patrick Stewart OBESir Patrick Stewart OBE


"My love of Shakespeare and the stage was due to an inspirational English teacher. He said; “Look, Stewart, you can do this.” I was a Secondary Modern School boy and expectations were usually not that high. But I looked and could and did and have! I support the Prince’s Teaching Institute work, encouraging today’s teachers to transform the lives of the next generation - in the same way that my life was transformed.” 

Jeremy IronsJeremy Irons


“The late Robert Glen was my English teacher and like most of my teachers found me lacking in motivation but he included me in a small group who would meet in his own home to read poetry and plays. In the quietness of those surroundings, removed from the bustle of the classroom, the magic of the written word began to enter my awareness. I owe him a great deal for planting that seed, for recognizing the seed needed to be planted and for doing it purely through love of his subject.”


dansnowDan Snow


“We are a complicated species and unless we arm our young people with rugged knowledge they will have little chance of navigating successfully through life. History, geography, literature and language all give us context, without them we are goldfish, forever trapped in the tyranny of the present. The Prince’s Teaching Institute is a much needed bulwark to teachers in schools. It is an inspiration to see at work.”


Dr David Starkey photoDavid Starkey, CBE


The Prince's Teaching Institute is the best hope for the survival of History as a school subject. It aims to reawaken teachers to the joys of narrative and personality, so that they can enthuse their pupils in turn. And, from what I experienced on several exciting study days, it is succeeding.


Sir Tom Stoppard OM, CBE

Sir Tom Stoppard OM, CBE


“The Prince's Teaching Institute Summer School has established itself as an inspiring reminder of the true purpose of education, to bring the best to the most - to save lives.”


Lennie JamesLennie James


"I was lucky enough to have had a few teachers who both inspired and profoundly influenced me. If I had to pick one it would probably be Mr. Davis, my physics teacher. In an all boys South London comp in the late 70's/early 80's, where it was easier to fail than succeed, Mr. Davis taught a subject that no-one wanted to take but almost all that did passed. He gave us a chance to surprise ourselves. I never did anything with my physics O level, but I am to this day immensely proud of that grade, almost more than any other. I also remain forever grateful to Mr. Davis for the way he taught me and my schoolmates to think about the world and to wonder at the universe."

Prof Simon Schama CBEProf Simon Schama CBE


"History teachers in Britain are a heroic, embattled community, struggling, in state schools with brutally imposed requirements, truncated time for classes and arbitrarily disconnected "modules" that make a coherent approach to a vital subject all but impossible. Against this dismal picture the Prince's Teaching Institute stands as a redoubt of hope, inspiration and commitment. By making lasting connections between writers and scholars on the one hand and school teachers on the other it brings together two families of workers in the field of time who can only benefit immensely from their mutual engagement. Whatever encouragement I might have given teachers in their good work it has been nothing compared to the enormous inspiration and good cheer I have myself got from the wisdom and pleasure of their company. Long may the Institute flourish and go to battle for the future of the past in Britain. Generations to come will be grateful."

Prof Martin Rees (C) Lucinda Douglas MenziesMartin Rees, Baron Rees of Ludlow, OM

Astronomer Royal

"We shouldn't adopt a narrowly 'instrumental' view of education. Scientific and mathematical understanding is indeed a prerequisite for many careers -- but its value is far broader. Young people are growing up in a world where they'll be ever more embedded in complex technology, and where society will be faced with choices on what applications of science are prudent or ethical. These choices shouldn't just be made by scientists, but unless everyone has a 'feel' for science there can't be a proper democratic debate. And of course the concepts of science -- and an understanding of our place in nature -- should be part of everyone's culture. Indeed science is the one truly global culture, and should trascend national and interfaith boundaries."

Terry JonesTerry Jones

Actor, Director

"Teaching isn't just about passing on knowledge, it's about creating enthusiasm and interest. That's what the Prince's Teaching Institute is all about and that's why it is performing a vital service in today's world of education, when there is so much pressure to turn teaching into a chore."