A message from The Prince of Wales

HRH the Prince of WalesIt seems to me we all have a responsibility for the care of children, but teachers have a special duty to help young people to develop into mature adults full of knowledge and insight. These essential qualities are fully developed as a teacher communicates his or her understanding to pupils. In my view, English and History teachers have a special responsibility for this. That is why I established The Prince of Wales Education Summer Schools for state school teachers of English and History in 2002. Over 700 teachers have now attended residential courses but, most significantly, have returned to the classroom with a restored sense of subject depth and rigour together with renewed and continuing emphasis on knowledge.

These Summer Schools have, I am delighted to say, resulted in the creation of The Prince’s Teaching Institute, which exists to provide additional elements of continuing professional development for teachers all over the country.

The P.T.I. has also developed a strategic partnership with the University of Cambridge and it is clear from teachers’ evaluations that the opportunity to meet and work with some of the United Kingdom’s most impressive academics is providing an extraordinary stimulus, which can only help to make a substantial and lasting impact in the classroom.

As my Institute grows, I can only hope that more teachers will benefit from this attempt to recapture some of the precious elements which have under-pinned good teaching for so long. 





Speeches given by The Prince of Wales at P.T.I. events:

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