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In response to a unanimous request from over 30 members of the education community, the Prince's Teaching Institute (PTI) led a Committee of Teachers and a Commission of senior individuals to explore the idea of a new member-driven College of Teaching.

The teachers on the committee had a wide variety of experiences and were from different schools; the Commission included Headteachers, representatives from universities, subject associations, teaching unions, the existing College of Teachers, the Royal College of Surgeons and other education stakeholders.  

In June 2013 these groups authored a Discussion Document and associated Teacher and Headteacher surveys that set out a blueprint for a new, member-driven College of Teaching. These were designed to elicit a meaningful response from teachers, school leaders and the education community to the idea. (You can download this Discussion Document using the link to the left.)

The Blueprint below grew out of this Discussion Document, and in response to extensive consultation which has taken place with the education community. Over 1,200 teachers, headteachers and education stakeholders responded to an online survey, numerous written responses to the document were submitted and the Commission gathered oral evidence from over 40 people and organisations.

Work has now begun on developing a fully costed implementation plan.

Although the idea has been around for a long time, the latest impetus for the idea of a College of Teaching was provided in May 2012 by the cross-party Education Committee.  Since an exploratory workshop held by the PTI in September 2012 there have been a number of publications and articles that provide perspectives on the idea. A selection of these are listed in Additional Reading.

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New College of Teaching Blueprint

A blueprint for a new College of Teaching was published on the 10th February. Please download it, and the accompanying appendices, by clicking on the links below.


Blueprint for a new member-driven College of Teaching [436kB]



College of Teaching Blueprint: Appendix B: Written submissions [6.2MB]



College of Teaching Blueprint: Appendix C: Results of the Teacher and Headteacher Surveys [523kB]


Establishing a new College of Teaching

Thanks to generous philanthropic support, work on the establishment of a College of Teaching is now continuing. To determine a launch plan and to determine more accurate costings, Lynda Stewart (who has 15 years of experience) and Lily Campbell-Lamerton have been seconded by Accenture to set up a robust business model and implementation plan that will deliver the Blueprint and ensure the core principle of keeping teachers at the heart of the organisation is adhered to. They have been dividing their time between 3 main facets of the project: consulting with pre-school, primary, and secondary schools, and speaking to teachers across England to ensure that the College is all-encompassing; working closely with the Royal College of Surgeons and many educational organisations to develop leading practices; as well as developing the operational plan involving creating a robust and sustainable business model that is self-sufficient, engineering the start-up and running costs, and consulting with potential funders for the organisation. 

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