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The Prince’s Teaching Institute provides a variety of subject-based Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities for both new and experienced teachers, Headteachers and Subject Leaders. For an overview of all our courses, please click here.

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  1. 20 November, 2014
    Teaching the real China
    Get to grips with the new curriculum by updating your knowledge and understanding of the physical, human and socio-economic geography of China. Delve into an array of topics, from tectonic hazards to development and China’s engagement with Africa.
  2. 24 November, 2014
    The rise and fall of the Mughal Empire
    Delve into the culture and politics of Mughal India, explore the symbols of power and discover how the Empire interacted with Britain and the world. Leave with resources that can be used in the classroom for immediate impact on pupil experience.
  3. 24 November, 2014
    From molecular soup to humans - Building an evolutionary timeline
    Add depth and colour to your teaching of evolution at KS4-5. Get hands on exploring fossils throughout history at the Grant Museum of Zoology and build an evolutionary timeline using the latest research.
  4. 25 November, 2014
    Secrets to succeeding in mechanics
    Explore how mathematics is fundamental to our understanding of the physical world through mathematical modelling. Update your knowledge of the fast moving field of sustainable engineering with a talk by Greenpower Education Trust, and gain confidence in making mathematical connections.
  5. 26 November, 2014
    Modern American literature for KS5
    Refresh your appreciation for the work of American literary giants including F Scott Fitzgerald. Investigate the literary and cultural history of the American novel and revivify some ‘stock cupboard classics’ as examples of seminal world literature.
  6. 28 November, 2014
    Picturing France - Bringing art to life in the French classroom
    Bring colour and vibrancy into lessons on French culture and take inspiration from an historical tour of the National Gallery, conducted in French, which will provide the basis for an exploration of French culture and history through the prism of art.


  1. 1 December, 2014
    Nanotechnology - The science of the small
    Nanotechnology is the new scientific frontier, the smallest point at which we can assemble useful technology and make scientific processes faster, much faster! Delve into the cutting edge of nanoscience and take a wealth of up-to-date information back to your department.
  2. 4 December, 2014
    The Romantics
    Demystify the Romantics and appreciate the depth and power of the English literary heritage through analysis of the Romantic imagination. Equip your students with an engaged understanding of representative Romantic texts as required by the new national curriculum at KS4.
  3. 9 December, 2014
    Vocal music in the classroom
    Gain the tools and the confidence to encourage singing in the classroom, consider ways of engaging pupils in singing and explore how to create challenge and progression in vocal music. Hear from leading choral conductor Bob Chilcott on his experiences leading a choir, and take part in a session led by him.


  1. 5 March, 2015
    Teaching about ice
    Join leading geographers including Professor Iain Stewart to update your core subject knowledge and develop an understanding of some fascinating and diverse ice-formed landscapes. Gain new ideas on delivering these topics in engaging ways.


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