About New Teacher Subject Days

 History NQTs at Subject DaysRefresh your subject knowledge to inspire your pupils

Inspirational teachers are those who know their subjects well and are able to communicate their passion to their students.

The Prince's Teaching Institute, in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, has developed a range of activities which refresh teachers’ subject knowledge and their inspiration to teach. These New Teacher Subject Days courses are specifically designed for new teachers, providing them with guidance on teaching strategies, access to a wealth of subject-based resources, teaching ideas, and contact with some of the latest academic thinking in their subject.

The courses are also designed to be of benefit to the participants’ departments, as they require participants to develop a new teaching resource to share not only with the other course participants, but also with their colleagues back at school. These can form part of a NQT’s Core Standards Portfolio of Evidence that they are compiling for their final end of year assessments.

The PTI developed the courses in response to the request of Headteachers, who were keen to have their New Teachers benefit from access to the high-quality speakers and experienced PTI Teacher Leaders (practising teachers who lead PTI days) who form the basis of all PTI events.

The courses were piloted in 2011/12, and they achieved some outstanding results:SD1

  • 97% of Heads said that they had noticed an increase in confidence of the New Teachers who attended the course
  • 94% of Heads said that the course has had an impact on the New Teachers’ quality of teaching and students’ learning
  • 96% of participants said the course will have an impact on their pupils
  • 89% of participants said they came out of the course reinvigorated and more excited about their subject
  • 85% of participants said they would be more effective at promoting deep learning as a result of the course

Following this successful launch, we are pleased that the National College is providing generous support for the expansion of these courses, so that in 2013/4 courses will be available in London, Manchester and a third regional centre (venue to be announced in early 2013).

Aims and objectives

The aims of the Subject Day Courses are to:

  • Give schools access to high quality subject knowledge training for their school-based Teacher Trainees and Newly Qualified Teachers
  • Boost the subject knowledge of a cohort of school-based Teacher Trainees and Newly Qualified Teachers in English, History, Geography, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, French, Spanish and German. small group holding seminar session

The objectives are to give new teachers:

  • Greater confidence
  • A greater ability to inspire their pupils to engage with their subjects
  • Greater effectiveness at promoting deep learning
  • A greater ability to respond to pupils’ needs and questions
  • An increased excitement about teaching and the teaching profession

The effectiveness of the course in achieving these aims and objectives will be evaluated through evaluations completed by the course delegates as well as through feedback that the PTI will be requesting from their schools.

2013/4 Course and Subject Information