Science Aims and Objectives

Aims of the Course

The aim of the course is to explore the nature and purposes of Science teaching, specifically by:

  • Providing an opportunity for practising teachers to consider the reasons for Science being a core subject in today's world and the place of values within Science education
  • Offering a forum for the debate of these issues, with eminent scientists and leading science communicators and educators presenting some challenging perspectives of their own
  • Providing an opportunity for practising teachers to explore the principles of rigorous, relevant and responsible Science teaching to pupils of all abilities, through participation in workshops led by experienced teachers
  • Probing critically current approaches to Science education and its assessment, and examining the extent to which young people are being equipped to understand the nature and importance of scientific thinking
  • Enabling pupils to make informed judgments about the implications of scientific development, and to evaluate the impact of Science on the future well being of planet Earth and its inhabitants

Objectives of the Course

To provide Science teachers with the opportunity to:

  • Refresh their thinking about the role of Science in preparing both responsible citizens and specialist scientists for the future
  • Share and refine their ideas for rigorous, exciting and sustainable developments in the Science programme at their schools
  • Learn about some current lines of research and new applications in real world Science
  • Discuss the impact of national policies and practices on the effectiveness of Science teaching and consider ways forward for improvement