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All children, whatever their background or ability, are entitled to be taught by passionate teachers who are knowledgeable about the subjects they teach. We re-engage teachers with their specialist subjects, inspiring them to bring renewed enthusiasm into their classrooms and raise the aspirations of their pupils.

  • About the PTI
  • Enhance subject knowledge
  • Share best practice
  • Promote the role of the teacher
  • Engage students in subjects

What we stand for

We believe that teachers are the key to a great education, and a great education can open up opportunity and possibility for young people.

We are committed to making high quality, enjoyable education available to all.

The Prince’s Teaching Institute helps teachers rediscover their love of their subject, inspiring them to bring the latest thinking into their classrooms and supporting them to make lasting improvements in what and how they teach. Our membership programmes bring passionate teachers together and encourage them to make rigorous curriculum choices, to teach beyond the test and to forge links with like-minded schools and academic institutions.

  • Our Principles
  • Subject knowledge, subject rigour and enthusiasm for communicating them are essential requirements for effective teaching
  • Assessment should be designed in such a way as to encourage and enhance good teaching - exams should never curtail learning
  • Teachers are the key to enhancing opportunities for young people, and their role in society should be promoted

How we work

Extending and enthusing pupils through subject based activities that are beyond the curriculum

Supporting teachers to develop, explore and share their own specialist subject knowledge

Encouraging schools to promote coherence and a quality of challenge within the curriculum

Raising the profile of these subjects within education

Our Reach

View our Reach timeline since 2001


State secondary schools in England and Wales


School departments working to increase the challenge of their work


Teachers engaged in PTI activity

2,094 teachers attended a PTI event in 2015/16


Students benefitting from improved education standards

100% of headteachers say that their membership has increased the focus on teaching and learning in their school

89% of teachers stated that participating in the PTI’s programmes has increased the coherence and quality of challenge in their curriculum

We need to raise £5.8m to achieve our goal of reaching 1m children by 2021

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A Message from The Prince of Wales

The Prince's Teaching Institute is one of The Prince of Wales' charities, which as a group form the largest multi-cause charitable enterprise in the UK.

"It seems to me we all have a responsibility for the care of children, but teachers have a special duty to help young people to develop into mature adults full of knowledge and insight. These essential qualities are fully developed as a teacher communicates his or her understanding to pupils. In my view, English and History teachers have a special responsibility for this. That is why I established The Prince of Wales Education Summer Schools for state school teachers of English and History in 2002. Over 700 teachers have now attended residential courses but, most significantly, have returned to the classroom with a restored sense of subject depth and rigour together with renewed and continuing emphasis on knowledge.

These Summer Schools have, I am delighted to say, resulted in the creation of The Prince’s Teaching Institute, which exists to provide additional elements of continuing professional development for teachers all over the country. The PTI has also developed a strategic partnership with the University of Cambridge and it is clear from teachers’ evaluations that the opportunity to meet and work with some of the United Kingdom’s most impressive academics is providing an extraordinary stimulus, which can only help to make a substantial and lasting impact in the classroom. 

As my Institute grows, I can only hope that more teachers will benefit from this attempt to recapture some of the precious elements which have under-pinned good teaching for so long."