Determined to have the 'top' spot next to Henry VII, James I of Scotland had Elizabeth's body dug up and moved near Mary's.

In doing so he made a corner of 'barren Tudor women'.

This is a great anecdote to show pupils:

  • Tudor and Stuart propaganda, and its power
  • The changing legacy of individuals in History
  • How reputations are created and re-created 

Roz Hart, Head of History at City of Norwich School, was inspired to suggest these teaching idea after hearing Dr Anna Whitelock (Royal Holloway, University of London) speak about The World turned upside down: Tudor and Stuart Upheaval at a New Teacher Subject Day.

Schools Programme members and course attendees can download the resources from the event in the PTI Staffroom.

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Image: By John de Critz via Wikimedia Commons, licensed via public domain (,_VI_by_John_de_Critz,_c.1606..png)