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The Prince’s Teaching Institute helps teachers fall in love with teaching again because we know that passionate teachers get great results!

We all remember our inspirational teachers - the ones who made us curious about the world around us, who helped create a ‘light-bulb moment’, who gave us confidence and unlocked our ambition. For the past 11 years, The Prince’s Teaching Institute (PTI) has been working hard, training teachers to be inspirational and raise standards. By providing unique subject-based training, our events reconnect teachers with the latest developments and academic thinking in their subject, inspiring them to increase the challenge of their work and go the extra mile to engage and motivate their students.

With a mission to re-ignite teachers’ passion for their subject and raise pupil aspirations, the PTI’s programmes include English, History, Geography, Mathematics, Sciences, Modern Foreign Languages, Music, Art and Latin, for state secondary school teachers in England and Wales.

Why support us

We believe that all children are entitled to be taught by teachers who are passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects. These teachers are the key to transforming young people’s opportunities in life.

The PTI’s unique model - using teachers as role-models, connecting universities and secondary schools, and inspiring and encouraging teachers to embrace more challenging subject provision – has proven to be powerful and one which has significant leverage.

  • 93% of our member teachers come back year-on-year to our events and tell us we have made a profound difference to the way they teach and the impact they have on their students
  • 86% of departments that participate in our pioneering subject-specific Schools Programme demonstrate that they have increased the challenge for their students in the classroom
  • 83% of teachers state that participating in the PTI’s programmes has helped raise the aspirations and expectations of their students
  • In the UK, teachers can teach for 30 years or more without once receiving training in their subjects. Unlike other professions, Continuing Professional Development is not mandatory for teachers and there is virtually no subject training available to them. Effective teachers are those who have excellent subject knowledge and inspire their students to learn   

Our reach

  • 3,460 secondary school teachers
  • 1,284 teachers attended a PTI event in 2012/13 – an increase of 20% vs. 2011
  • 700 departments from over 300 schools participate in our membership network
  • Over 250,000 children benefit from more effective teaching. However... this still equates to less than 10% of the country's state school students! Our goal is to triple our reach to 600,000 children and roll out our programmes to more than 700 schools by 2016.

Your donation to The Prince's Teaching Institute will help us unlock the love of learning in every classroom in the UK, because we believe that for every student, in every school, every teacher matters.

To find out more about supporting The Prince's Teaching Institute, please contact or call 020 3157 7049.

For more details on the history, governance, accounts and activities of the charity, please click here to go to the About Us section of the website, or here to view the PTI video.

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